Jrs Solutions, LLC has been remodeling and building in New York ever since Frederick Cann founded it ten years ago. From small renovations to entire residential sub-divisions and commercial projects, we manage building with quality, sophistication and reliability.

Quality comes from providing customers with superior service, flexibility and delivery of exceptional results that are on time and within budget. 

Sophistication is evident in our extensive pre-construction services, which help ensure that detailed schedules are developed and maintained, and that projects are competitively bid on to maximize cost efficiency.

Reliability is proven in our ability to provide estimating services that help working budgets whether they are conceptual or based on partially developed construction documents.

Our experience, resourcefulness and strong relationships with subcontractors allow us to evaluate and propose cost-saving alternatives for materials, equipment or construction methods. By applying our organized, detail-oriented approach to every project, we are able to deliver on time and within budget. We orchestrate the complex construction process in a way that makes it simple and headache free for our clients.